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Mama's Cottage Mushrooms

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Transform, Heal and Remember the
power of plants and fungi

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Our Story

The Universe had other plans when Matty and Kate so 'randomly' met in a supermarket isle! From that moment something happened in their lives. All the traumas, healing, inner work and connection to natures gifts all became apparent. 

 They are both energy workers in their own individual way who have a passion for working with plant medicine and what mother nature has to provide for us to better our mental and physical self.

To assist their own healing they chose to listen to the wisdom of the plant medicine to heal themselves from their own emotional traumas, self doubt, unnecessary habits, to grow spiritually, and to improve their physical well being.

They have so much faith and trust in the plants and from incredible feedback from their customers, gives them the energy to continually grow and expand to reach more and more people to help and show them how to heal themselves. 

They invite you with open arms to come and discover for yourself what they have to offer. It is then for you to implement what feels right, into your life. Kate and Matty are always on hand to guide and support you.

They have had the privilege to witness amazing transformations in people who have lived with cancer, depression, anxiety, lack of self worth to name just a few.

"Our journey is forever growing and expanding, we'd love it for you to join us in the Mama's Cottage Mushrooms community".


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