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Welcome to the wonderful world of cacao!

You may already be working with cacao or you may be new to it. Here I'd like to introduce you to a little bit of history, the benefits and what our Cacao Ceremony actually is, as everyone's ceremony is different!


The ancient medicine of cacao (in brief).

Current genetic research dates the use of cacao to over 2000BC and it was the Aztecs and Mayans that have gifted us with the rich history of ceremonial cacao.

The Maya believed that kakaw (cacao) was discovered by the gods in a mountain that also contained other foods and medicines to be used by them. 

To the Aztec, chocolate had a deep symbolic meaning. An example of this is evident on a sacred cosmological map of the Aztec universe. The cacao tree is one of the great world trees occupying a prominent position. In a creation story, the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl discovered cacao (cacahu atl: bitter water) in a mountain filled with other plant foods.

Why is the cacao we use so special? 

"Sur del Lago variety comes from the mythical cacao Guasare, the first cacao that existed on earth".

Sur del Lago literally means South of the Lake in Spanish. This region in Venezuela covers 4 states, Zulia, Merida, Tachira and Trujillo. Sur del Lago is situated northwest of Venezuela, in the tropical lowlands southwest of Lake Maracaibo. This region offers very favourable climatic conditions for growing exceptional quality of cacao. 

Why is cacao so good?

  • One of the highest sources of antioxidants, far more than blueberries, red wine and green tea combined! (621)

  • High in magnesium which helps keep the heart healthy. It is also essential for brain chemistry to promote focus and concentration. Magnesium also has the ability to allow the muscles to relax and is thought of to help with PMS and mood swings.

  • It is a vasodilator, so it may help lower high blood pressure

  • Aids in detoxing the body

  • It is thought of to be a natural antidepressant with the extra release of serotonin and dopamine it is a mood lifter


More health benefits!

Cacao is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, magnesium has been mentioned above.

Anandamide is naturally produced in the body, but cacao is the only food in the world that actually contains very small amounts of it. Ananda translates to BLISS in the Indian Sanskrit language, so therefore anadamide is referred to as the Bliss Molecule as it activates feelings of natural pleasure and activate the opening of the heart centre.

Theobroma translates to 'Food of the Gods'. Most people believe that it is the same as caffeine, this is not the case as there is virtually no caffeine present in cacao. Theobromine stimulates the cardiovascular system, it doesn't 'charge' it up though unlike caffeine.  It relaxes the smooth muscle, stimulates the heart, enhances the mood and oxygenates the blood flow to the brain.

Essential Fats Cacao is rich in cacao butter which is an essential omega -6 fatty acid.

and there is more...!

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is known as the 'love molecule', the same adrenal related chemical activated in the brain and released into the body when we fall in love! It is a mood enhancer and heart medicine.

Arginine Montezuma the Aztec emperor consumed 50 cups of chocolate elixir before entering his harem! The amino acid arginine dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood flow in such a way that it may increase skin and tissue sensitivity.


What is our cacao ceremony all about?

It is all about allowing time for yourself and your own personal growth. Working with the energy of Lady Cacao and setting the intention to release anything that no longer serves you then refilling that space with nothing but love and positivity, you will leave feeling rejuvenated, enlightened and empowered.

The Ceremonies create a container to honour the great plant medicine Cacao, calling in the energetic spirit of Lady Cacao, higher spiritual guides and ancestors, all setting the energy of the Ceremony beautifully. Shamanic drumming will also be part of the ceremony to shift your perception and vibration.

There will be a deep guided meditation connecting you to the earth and opening you up to any messages, visions or aspects of your life that need to recognise, heal, cleanse or to be let go. You will be guided back from the meditation and invited to remain in the state of bliss whilst individual healing will taking place.

The whole ceremony will include sound, song and movement.

If you wish to become part of a community, held in a space place, open your heart and work with a beautiful sacred gentle yet at times potent plant medicine.....I look forward to meeting you!

ppssttt...I also love collaborating with people too! My first one was at The Big Retreat in Wales with the amazing Elizabeth!

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