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Mamas Cottage Mushroom Witches and Pagan Event

Please complete this application form for your enquiry to trade at this event.

We are holding an event around the solstice time. We plan on running 4 events, March, June, Sep and Dec.

We shall be having a Witches and Pagan market space, initially the March one will be inside. Food traders will be outside during the day.

There will be space for readers, traders and healers and the opportunity for you to do a talk or workshop if you wish.

During the evening the event will be offering healing and ceremonies.

By completing the application form it is registering your INTEREST, it is not confirmation. We shall contact you by the end of January if there is availability.

All forms to be completed and returned by the end of January. 

Thank you for your interest, we are really excited to be hosting this event in a beautiful setting at the Haybarn where we shall be immersed in nature, have a fire pit, grass spaces and parking available. 

Wheelchair and children friendly too!

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Let's Get Started

Thanks for your interest, we shall get back to you by the end of Jan to let you know confirmation

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