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Circle for Men & Women

May the circle be open but unbroken.

We have been part of many different types of circles or gatherings and have worked with many people either through healing or coaching, and we have come to recognize something that keeps coming up....

Throughout life we have moved around to different countries and counties and have experienced many different cultures. There is one thing that we have noticed not only for ourselves but as a whole; Connection.

Sunset in the Woods

The type of connection that is not judged, the type that is accepted just for what it is, a 'BEING' energy.


It supports, it's understanding, a deeper knowing that we are all connected and that there is an energetic drive, an inner power that keeps us going throughout life.


This energy makes us get out of bed each morning, it gives us the strength to face each day wearing the many hats or faces that is 'expected' of us. 

However this energy is knowing, it knows that we crave a tribe of like minded people around us. Others who will just listen, others who will not try to fix, others who will just. get. it.

The problem is that we have become too busy, or we hide (or do not really know) away from our true feelings.

We have become disconnected not only within ourselves but with our tribe.

We try to do it all by ourselves - sound familiar?

Kate had a massive problem being a single mum to two young girls asking for help, showing her vulnerable side. Guess what happened - she got sick. Proper sick that I HAD to ask for help. 

Matty spent a long time looking for answers externally. It took hitting rock bottom to realise the answers were always inside of himself.

It has been a journey finding our tribe, their are a few awesome men and women in circle who have become dear friends who we know have each others backs and it brings great joy knowing they can pick up the phone and know that the circle is not unbroken at times of need.

This is what we wish to bring to circle for both men and women.

A place where people look forward to coming once a month to connect. To take a step to refilling their own container, because what happens is that once we look after ourselves it begins ripples out to others, to children, partner, friends, work colleagues and even strangers!

Our desire is to create a circle where men and women feel part of something, where they don't feel alone and that they don't have to cope with emotions by bottling them up. To move away from the statement 'I am fine', really that is a nothing word (fine!) and slowly, slowly embrace the awesome energy that connects us all and integrate it into everyday life!

We offer exclusive women only and men only circles, both open and closed circles. If you would like to know more about what a circle actually entails, please send us a message at and we shall only be too happy to chat and answer any questions you may have or indeed if circle is for you.​

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