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Welcome onboard!

We have been inundated with applications and myself and Matty have had the task of accommodating everyone to be involved. With you receiving this form means WE'D LOVE FOR YOU TO COME TO THE EVENT!!! We just need a few more details from you, payment for the pitch then we are all set! In return we shall be highlighting our traders on social media (so please add in any links we can use to promo what you do). We shall start up a whatsapp group for all who will be trading at the event so any questions everyone can see.

When you have completed this form we shall be in touch for the payment for the pitch fee. 

Please read the terms and Conditions below and tick the box on the form to confirm that you agree to them.

Confirmation form

Pitch fees
Please select payment method Ref: your name

Thank you for your time filling this out. We are looking forward to seing you soon.


1. You must have valid insurance to attend the event, please bring a copy with you as you may be asked to show a copy.

2. Take any rubbish home with you.

3. The event begins at 10am, you will be required to be set up and ready, area clear by 9.30am. 

4. We are creating a community, we expect everyone to be kind and considerate to everyone else. Any issues during the day please speak to Kate or Matty or one of the other volunteers for assistance.

5. Full payment for the pitch will be required 48 hours after you receive the payment details from us, any delay you shall run the risk of losing your pitch to someone on our waiting list.

6. No smoking or alcohol onsite.

7. If you are running a workshop/talk, the public will be asked for a small payment contribution, which we  shall then reimburse you the money back as pre arranged with you.

8. Doors will be open at 8am for traders to set up

9. We shall need the main barn cleared of all traders stalls by 5.45pm. to be able to set up for the evening ceremonies, if you will need assistance in clearing and packing down, please notify us before hand so we can arrange for some help for you.

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