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"You are finally free.
New opportunities for happiness will now follow" - Black Jaguar

Welcome to the wonder of what Mother Nature can offer us to help us to heal and be well. 

Just by you being here is your sign that you are ready to take charge of your own health. We are sending you a massive hug as we know only too well that by making the choice to heal can and will be messy work.

There is something truly magical about working with herbs and mushrooms. Their medicinal benefits are nothing new, we are only just beginning to tap back into what they can offer.

We do understand that it can be a complete mine field when it comes to working out what is what and what you should be looking for to help whatever it is that you wish to heal.

By completing the form you will be getting direct access to our knowledge and we can  make some suggestions to you. 

We have created a check box of some of the issues many of our customers face. If there isn't one that resonates with you, then please do write us a message in the the message area and we shall reply right back to you.

By doing this we wish to crete a relationship, a connection with you. It is far too easy to just buy off online shops without really understanding what we are getting. But with us connecting with you, you get to know us, we get to understand your struggles and you become part of our community. 

it also for our own growth so we can make sure that we have the right mushrooms and herbs in MCM Hq to support you the best way we possibly can. 

In return for your time we shall automatically send you a discount code of 15% which you can use online - just enter the code at the checkout.

Mushy Love Kate & Matty

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