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Media Coverage

Welcome to our media coverage page. Here we'd love to share with you our collaborations, podcasts and places where our work has been shared by others.


The Universe had other plans when Matty and Kate so 'randomly' met in a supermarket isle! From that moment something happened in their lives. All the traumas, healing, inner work and connection to natures gifts all became apparent. They are both energy workers in their own individual way who have a passion for working with plant medicine and what mother nature has to provide for us to better our mental and physical self. Enjoy this podcast as we learn more about not only Matty & Kates magical meeting to creating an amazing business, giving service by helping others heal with the power of plant medicine.


In this episode, host Laura Mac welcomes guests Kate and Matty from Momma's Cottage. They discuss their profound journey of working with nature and the healing power of mushrooms. Kate and Matty share their personal experiences with using mushrooms, such as Reishi and Lion's Mane, to improve their health and well-being. They explain the benefits of these mushrooms, including their ability to cleanse the body, improve focus and clarity, and even potentially help with conditions like psoriasis and dementia. The guests also discuss their future plans, which involve delving deeper into the world of herbal medicine and alchemy. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the magical properties of mushrooms and the potential they hold for healing and transformation. 


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We're excited to share an interview that takes you deep into the enchanting world of magical elixirs, potions, powders, and shrooms. Join us for a captivating chat with Matty and Kate, a couple whose love story began in a supermarket aisle during lockdown. Together, they share the magic of mushrooms' medicinal properties, starting with the remarkable Lions Mane, known for its benefits in memory loss, dementia, and ADHD. The intrigue doesn't stop there! Be prepared to be enchanted as we unravel the shamanic story of Christmas with the Siberian Sami, indigenous people with a tale that suggests the Santa story might be rooted in mystical mushroom trips. Discover the curious connection between Father Christmas and the amanita muscaria mushroom, a striking red fungus with white spots. We'll even delve deeper into the Santa story, exploring the psychoactive properties of reindeer pee and the surprising theme of resurrection. The conversation takes an even more adventurous turn as we discuss plant medicine, 'hape,' DMT, and the concept of living lives in alternate dimensions. This interview promises both fun and illumination, providing you with an eye-opening and thought-provoking experience. Feel free to share this magical journey with friends and loved ones who share your curiosity about the extraordinary realms of magic and medicine.

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