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Are you part of the 'we'?

I don't want to make this into a story about my life. Everyone has a story to tell, absolutely. This is all about sharing where I am now as the world is in a crazy place right now and we are being called to return to our roots.

I mean 'we' as in those of us who can see the bigger picture. The 'we' who have their eyes wide open. The 'we' who question - everything. The 'we' who works with energy, with the light, with spirit, who are not afraid of doing 'the work' and that means facing full on the shadows, the old patterns, the old habits and know that they are shedding their old skin, much like a caterpillar emerging from a chrysalis.

The 'we' who have suddenly realised there is far more to life than the mundane 9-5 treadmill hamster wheel going round and round day after day, the same sort of day, every, single, this what life is all about?

The 'we' who have an unexplained knowing and desire of reconnecting to your inner knowledge, the ancestral wisdom that has been passed down for years yet has been lost or buried due to patriarchy, fear and not wanting to be seen. An urge to be within nature, knowing that for some reason it just fills you up, replenishes your energy, your spirit.

We begin to notice how amazing nature is, how it is changing, the colours, the cycles, what is right on our doorstep - whatever happened to the glow worms that were in abundance so may years ago?

My call is re-intertwining myself into nature. Understanding it more. Working with it. Going back to the roots. Homeopathy all comes from the plants, vital vitamins and minerals can be found in good quality foods, why has some plants been deamonised when they have a wealth of health benefits?

This I am going to explore.

In history, plants were the medicine. People who had the knowledge of plants helped to heal people. Then why today are some people tentative or even afraid of allowing mother nature work her magic to heal and increase wellbeing?

When a plant wants to get noticed and by this I mean I begin to notice a certain plant more when I am walking or it's name or picture is popping up everywhere, I stop to take a picture and look it up, find out what it's properties are, how and if it has medicinal uses that I can I introduce to my family's wellbeing.

To name a few that I have been playing with so far are how to make dock leaf balm (for when you get stung by stinging nettles) cleaver coffee (those little sticky balls that get everywhere especially if you have a long haired dog!) The all time seasonal favourite of elderberry syrup and now branching out to rosehip syrup and conker soap!

The best getting to share this with my friends and family. I take great joy and attention in creating this alchemy of ingredients and knowing the essence of the plant is there and going to offer its benefits then handing it over for others to enjoy!

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