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Mushrooms and the Chakras - the connection

Do you ever have those light bulb moments then wonder how you didn't see it before?! We had one of those not so long ago, I thought I'd share it with you.

We pride ourselves that when we make the tinctures and herbal blends and pretty much anything you see on our site, it is all made with intention, ritual and blessings. The mushroom tinctures and the herbs especially all have high healing energy infused into them by ourselves during the creating process and with crystals and numerology. However more on that another time.....

Our light bulb moment.....

It isn't by chance that we have 7 tinctures currently available (plus an 8th super power blend of 7 mushrooms).

There are 7 main chakra points.

The Root


Solar Plexus



3rd Eye


It dawned on us that each of our mushroom tinctures can be relate to each of the chakras (some however can overlap so it isn't a rigid structure). How amazing is that!!

So yes each tinctures will have specific qualities to support the body to heal, but they can also help support the healing on an energetic level too. A whole package, mind, body and soul!

Let me explain a little of each corresponding chakra and it's link to the mushrooms.

Root Chakra Birch Polypore - The Bronze Man Medicine

Boosts your immune system. Protects the gut microbiome. Balances the gastrointestinal system. Anti-inflammatory. Antiviral and treats flu.

The Birch is obviously a tree, with strong penetrating roots into the ground. At certain time of the year (beginning of Spring) you are able to access the Birch tree sap, an elixir of life. Your roots keep you strong and stable. With strong roots you can withstand the wind blowing through the branches and leaves, you weather the storms of life.

Sacral Cordyceps - Himalayan Gold

Anti-inflammatory properties. Balances blood sugar levels. Increases athletic abilities. Improves sexual function and digestive tract.

The sacral corresponds with the circulatory system, sexual and reproductive organs. The sacral leads us from a basic existence to help us embrace what makes life worth living. Cordyceps a fungus that infects insects and arthropods. it is super special in that this one attacks a host, replaces its tissue, and sprouts ominous stems that grow outside of its body. These stems eventually release spores into the air, infecting other hosts. It really does have a massive challenge to 'reproduce' itself.

Solar Plexus Reishi - Mushroom of Immortality

Natural adoptogen which balances the body, mind and soul. Manages fatigue, stress and depression. Improves liver function and gut health.

Reishi is rated as the top adaptogenic mushroom that helps the body and mind adapt to stress and difficult situations. In particular, it is known for supporting the adrenals by promoting a balanced response to physical and emotional stress. How it is linked to the solar plexus is that this chakra corresponds to change and movement, involving transforming the self into a being of power and self will. The type of power that acknowledges differences but transcends the challenges to achieve a new point of balance. Reishi is the king of the adaptogens - the balancer. When we are balanced within the mind, body and soul, it is then we step into being our unique individual self whilst celebrating connection to others.

Heart Turkey Tail - Corrects Immune Deficiencis

Contains the polysaccharide PSK is known to enhance the body's immune response. Gut health and digestive support. Turkey tail can very easily be over looked, yet it is a powerful fungus. It grows on dead wood as well as live trees. It is especially known for its immune, gut and liver health. What has that got to do with the heart?! When we are in a state of being, we can endure the constant of the external. The liver is linked to storing emotion, in particular anger, frustration, resentment. By healing the liver we heal the negative emotions. The gut is referred to as the 2nd brain. When we act from a place of love and empathy we begin to heal our organs. The heart is right in the middle of the chakra system concerned with forgiveness and compassion.

Throat Wood Ears - Powerful Oxidant

Supports heart health. Good source of selenium, copper, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and magnesium. Wood ear mushrooms contain compounds that can boost immunity, decrease blood glucose and cholesterol, and support the healing of wounds, spasms, lumbago, leucorrhea, and nausea. They have 65% saccharides, 10.6% proteins, 7% fiber, 5.8% minerals, and just 0.02% fat. They are a superfood. In Europe, the wood ear is first mentioned by 16th-century healer John Gerard who used it to treat sore throat. 17th-century Thomas Thorne considered it “famous medicine in quinsies, sore throats, and strangulations.

The correspondence to the throat is connected to hearing.Listening is very much neglected and we need to develop the outer ear (listening) before the subtle inner ear can be available to us. The throat is one of the higher chakras and when someone feels that they are not heard, that throat chakra is to be pondered on to slow the speech and communication down.

3rd Eye Chaga - King of Medicinal Mushrooms

Massive amounts of melanin (great for the skin) when ingested it converts to melatonin which regulates sleep and activates the Pineal gland. Chaga has the ability to balance and restore your entire system with incredible immunomodulating powers. Chaga’s beta-glucans have the ability to increase the production of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cells that regulate the immune response to infectious microorganisms and other foreign substances). Chaga is outstanding in its power to keep you looking young and healthy. As the richest natural antioxidant source, the fungus will protect your body from cell degeneration. An abundance of betulin also gives antitumor and anticancer properties to work with.

The “Pine” al Gland, is a tiny pinecone-shaped gland in the middle of the brow, behind the root of the nose. Because of its pinecone shape, it has been associated with the pinecone symbol throughout history. These symbols served as a representation of the Human Enlightenment and the “Third Eye” in many ancient cultures. The primary function of the pineal gland (third eye) is to produce melatonin, which has various functions in the central nervous system, the most important of which is to help modulate sleep patterns. The non physical nature of this chakra is represented by light. In the realm of esoteric, intuition is like a light coming on in the brain accompanied by possibly an image.

Even the bottles label have the chakra symbol on it now!

Crown Lions Mane - Good for the Brain

Combats brain fog. Encourages regrowth and recovery of nerve function. Supports mental health. A no brainer (no pun intended!!)that lions mane was to be associated with the crown chakra. Lions mane is best known for cognitive enhancement. Chinese Buddhist monks used Lion’s Mane powder in their tea, claiming it helped them focus in their meditation and increase overall brain power. Modern science has set out to examine the validit

y of these claims and is finding promising results.

Compounds called hericenones and erinacines, when extracted and isolated from Lion’s Mane, have qualities that may protect neurons and nerves in our bodies. The unique neuroprotective effects of these Lion’s Mane compounds are speculated to shield the brain from normal mild cognitive decline associated with aging, help support healthy memory function and focus (3,4), and support a positive mood and relieve occasional stress.

The crown chakra is not a destination, but a rebirth as we prepare for continual unfolding experiences, similar to our neuralpathways, which are always evolving and connecting and regenerating. It is a chakra of interconnectedness, a web of neurons, the original web! When we awaken the crown chakra we are open to possibilities of infinite space and time and receive the divine wisdom and understanding with which to reap the benefits.

It really is an exciting time to use mushroom tinctures to support your wellbeing on the 3 levels, mind, body and spirit. You will be receiving far more than just a tincture, you will receive healing at such a deeper level.

If you are unsure at all about tinctures and how to use them, please do get in touch and we shall only be too happy to share some knowledge, links and information so you can make an informed decision in the direction to go.

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