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Our favorite blend to use here at Mama's Cottage.


We've honed this blend over the last few years, experimenting with marshmallow and pau d'arco, amongst others. The blend has is own distinguished taste and aroma, with each ingredient taking its turn to tantalise your tongue.


Mullein - Can help support the body’s respiratory system

Skullcap - Calming sleep aid, relaxes nervous system and relieves anxiety.

Damiana - Thought to maintain mental and physical stamina and as an aphrodisiac

Blue Lotus - Can promote a state of tranquility and balance

Mugwort - Balances hormones, Improves blood cell generation, regulates sleep.

Passionflower - Can be used to help anxiety and sleep problems.


We tend to use this before bedtime as it promotes a vivid and surreal dream like state.  Great for the Spirit workers out there!!!




Disclaimer  - We are not a medicinal herbalist or a medical professional. These products are not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, prescribe, prevent or cure any disease or to administer in any manner to any physical ailments and are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. I cannot be held liable for the decisions and choices you make and/or the outcome of those decisions and choices. You are encouraged to do your own research and consult your heath care professional before treating yourself or anyone else.
Do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional.
Do not undertake any self-treatment while undergoing a prescribed course of medical treatment without first seeking professional advice
These products and statements have not been approved or evaluated by the MHRA or any other board of administration.



Special Blend Herb Blend

PriceFrom £9.00
  • "Special Blend Herb Blend has been fantastic while I have been coming off an antidepressant that I had become physically dependent on. It helped me manage really uncomfortable anxiety attacks while my body was getting used to not have the prescribed drug in my system.

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