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Fungi Evolution

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We are very excited to be announcing this program. It is one of it's kind as we are covering a whole range of topics within the world of fantastic fungi! Module 1 - Where it all begins. The mycelium network - the original world wide web. Species and Types of fungi Symbiosis with trees and plants. Module 2 - In-depth look at mushrooms Mushrooms and the time of year Growing mushrooms Anatomy and life cycle of a mushroom Module 3 - Why mushrooms are important to life. Health Benefits Environmental benefits Save the bees Module 4 - Mushrooms we work with and why An insight into Mamas Cottage Mushrooms Mushrooms we work with and why Module 5 -Mushrooms from around the world Amazon tribes Amanita Psilocybin Final Module Myths & Folklore Foraging How to take a spore print PLUS BONUSES! Recommended reading list Recipes Discount Code

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