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Lions Mane

Ive just started on a course of Lions Mane tincture. Wow. Taste is amazing. It’s too soon to see results but if the effect is as great as the taste it’ll be amazing.

Kates knowledge is astronomical. Great service. Prompt delivery. Can’t wait to see what’s next

Lions Mane 7 Chaga

I suffer with fibromyalgia and purchased a few mushroom tinctures from you. So far I've been taking the lions mane and chaga, I'm about to start on my cordyceps. Lions mane has massively decreased my fogginess, taking it from whole foggy days to the occasional foggy moments. The chaga has had the biggest impact though. About 2 weeks after starting it I had trips where there was alot of walking. I didn't need to use my crutches or take a rest day like I normally would. I shall definitely be continuing with both and look forward to what the cordyceps reveals for me.

Lions Mane & Fire Cider

Absolutely recommend Mama's Cottage Mushrooms! I use the Lions Mane tincture, the fire cider and various other remedies. I have noticed a difference in my brain fog! Kate and Matty are so knowledgeable and able to use these plants as they should be! Their positivity shines through on all of their products. I highly recommend them!

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