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We are so happy with this set. We were only talking about it recently and then we got asked to create one as a bespoke gift....there was the nudge!


The cups are so tactile and we have etched both sides with Mama's Cacao and our logo on the other side ourselves.


There are two 60g bags of ceremonial cacao, one Peruvian Ashaninka and one Venezuelan.


A bottle of sea salt crystals and a bottle of Blue agave and a small hand whisk to aid you in making the best possible brew.


Everything you could possibly need to make your own divine cup of cacao!


We shall be including a sheet guiding you how to make and get the best frrom your cacao!


Don't forget to refer to the home page of our website site for a video tutorial on how to make your cacao.


If you'd like to have a guided meditation to listen to alongside having your cacao called the Art of Intention Setting, please do have a look at a beautiful collaboration that we made with Elizabeth Reah HERE


We wish for you to love it as much as we do!!

Cacao Set

SKU: 3366990187
PriceFrom £36.00
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