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There are about 500 known species of passionflower. This family of plants is also known as Passiflora. Some studies suggest that certain species may have medicinal benefits. For example, Passiflora incarnata may help treat anxiety and insomnia.


Apart being a beautiful flower and one that you could get lost in by just looking at it, there are potential benefits from this plant.


1. It may help calm the mind.


It might help relieve insomnia and anxiety. It appears to boost the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain. This compound lowers brain activity, which may help you relax and sleep better.


2. May improve sleep


3. May reduce anxiety


4. May help with opiate withdrawals


5. Studies are taking place to research if passionflower helps with seizures.


Interetsting fact about passionflowers - These flowers are some of the most mesmerizing and gorgeous flowers you can find. The flowers are round and have rather normal-looking petals, but they also have a distinctive corona, stamens, and pistil.Most passiflora species produce flowers that only bloom for one day. However, the plants produce multiple flowers, so you can enjoy multiple days of blooms!




Disclaimer  - We are not a medicinal herbalist or a medical professional. These products are not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, prescribe, prevent or cure any disease or to administer in any manner to any physical ailments and are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. I cannot be held liable for the decisions and choices you make and/or the outcome of those decisions and choices. You are encouraged to do your own research and consult your heath care professional before treating yourself or anyone else.Do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional.Do not undertake any self-treatment while undergoing a prescribed course of medical treatment without first seeking professional adviceThese products and statements have not been approved or evaluated by the MHRA or any other board of administration.


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